Hommage à Kieślowski in Sokołowsko, #9

The second day for the Hommage à Kieślowski in Sokołowsko was especially dedicated to « Three colors: Red »; screening of the film, two panels, one with Krzysztof Piesiewicz dedicated to « Three Colors: Red vs. Pulp Fiction », then Piotr Jaxa, Urszula Lesiak, Zdeněk Holý and Mikolaj Jazdon joined them for a general panel on the film Three Colors: Red: the words « construction », « precision », « empathy » came back several times, the film realy impressed the audience from 1994 (1st screening in Cannes FF), until today.

Here we see Piotr Jaxa, Kieślowski’s DP, presenting Kino’s (Polish cinema magazine) cover with one of the first pictures selected for press release.Precisely, shortly before, Piotr had inaugurated his exhibition of rare pictures of Red: displayed on 4 screens, a bunch among his thousands, shot on the set of “Three colors”.
And at noon, Bożena Biskupska (co-founder of the Hommage à Kieślowski) honored us with of a special visit for 3 guests in the Sanatorium still under construction, but well advanced now. A incredible “pharaonic” work. We even discovered, on the top floor, the future and definitive location of the Kieślowski’s Archive, a spot surrounding countryside.

© a. martin – thanks to Zuzanna Fogtt

Hommage à Kieślowski, September 15, Sokołowsko – Poland: Zuzanna Fogtt (Fundacja Sztuki Współczesnej In Situ) opens for us a small office dedicated to the original Kieślowski archives. There are folders, photos, books, the filmmaker’s amateur camera, and so on.
Then Zuzanna show some archive boxes: “Wszystko, wszystko! Scenariusze, korespondencje…” “Skarb!” she sums up: that’s to say: “a treasure!”
And this treasure must be translated into English, in the next future. A huge job! In the meantime, Kieślowski’s archives are digitized and secure. For future researchers, students, for everyone in the footsteps of Krzysztof Kieślowski!
Thanks to Zuzanna, and to be continued… %-)

The Kieślowski’s archive online is already here:

Grzegorz Brzozowski + Robert Sedlacek (on the right) – © a. martin

For the third day of “Hommage à Kieslowski”, screening of « Jan Palach » by Robert Sedlacek (CZ, 2018), followed by a talk with the director (very effective translation by Karolina). The discussion focused on the historical and political context, the dramaturgical language of the film, the technical aspects… But Robert Sedlacek confirmed our feeling: the whole film is a slow progression towards the tragic end, step by step, showing daily life, friendships and loves of a Czech student. Yet, this young man awakened the consciences in his country, setting himself on fire …

Difficult to move then to a lighter subject, with “Obcy na mojej kanapie” (A stranger on my couch) by Grzegorz Brzozowski (PL, 2017) This documentary shows with empathy, but without useless effect, hosts and guests of “CouchSurfing”: very special meeting with different nationalities and cultures, hesitant and then emboldened conversations, silences, laughs and tears, too. So, no dot forget Palach, but the public was conquered. (Laughers in Kino Zdrowie!)

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